Data Science for
health and fitness clubs
AI-Powered solutions to increase Retention, Up-sell and Net Promoter Score
Reunify for Retention
To increase retention, PULSE identifies high risk members and provides personalized insight for a successful member engagement.
Reunify for Up-sell
To increase up-sell, PULSE recommends personalized products and services for individual members.
Reunify for Feedback
BEAT Real-time notification enables staff to address member concern before it turns into issues.

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with Reunify PULSE
180K +
using Reunify PULSE
25K +
through customer interaction
11% +

Your Customers

PULSE allows you to segment your most loyal and at-risk
customers in order to address their concerns quickly and
effectively before they cancel.

Susan is at a high risk for canceling within the next 3 months.

Susan has potential to promote your club, use more services and spend more money in your club.

PULSE also includes 12 other key data points about Susan such
as Susan's persona, interests, next visit, companionship etc.

with your customers

With the right data about your current customers, you can
re-engage genuinely with the most vital ones before you lose
their business permanently.

Susan comes to work out almost every day and she really loves Shannon's Yoga classes. She is frustrated that she cannot sign up for this class all the time. Because the front desk staff has built a strong relationship with her using PULSE, she is more willing to share her frustrations about the sign-up service. Now, the front desk staff knows to help her with this process.
Your Relationships

Several studies have shown that it can be up to 5 times more
expensive to find a new customer versus retaining an existing
one. Reunify PULSE helps you redefine your relationships with
your customers in order to boost retention, improve customer
satisfaction and increase revenue.

Retention Customer Service Revenue

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